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Equipment & Services

Equipment & Services


We have 17 modern rigs and 150 support truck and light vehicles.


Topdrill offers superior, innovative drilling equipment, that include well established procedures and innovative hands free systems on all of our rigs. As a company, Topdrill constantly searches for ways improve the technology within our fleet.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Topdrill’s RC rigs are all heavy-duty T685 Schramm mounted on 8×8 carriers.

They are fitted with an onboard sampling system, field proven hands free rod handling technology and a 500psi/1350CFM compressor package. When coupled with our 8×8 carrier mounted auxiliary compressor and booster package Topdrill’s RC rigs can produce 1000psi/2700CFM, which assists in increasing productivity (reduced cost/m) and producing a dry sample from below water table (high sample quality).

Diamond Drilling

Topdrill’s DD rigs are heavy-duty Sandvik DE840/880 series and Evolution FH3000 machines mounted on 8×8 carriers.

Topdrill has pushed for innovation in the rod handling space, with it’s DD rigs and all machines fitted with a true hands free diamond rod handling system, which assists in minimising manual handling and line of fire issues associated with a the traditional method of handling diamond rods. The rod handling system also allows diamond pipe to be stored and accessed from the side of the rig which greatly reduces the pad size required by a more conventional DD machine.

Innovative Drilling Solutions

As a privately owned, independent drilling company, we are able to quickly respond and adapt to client needs, this sets us apart.  Check out some of our recent innovations to our fleet:

Hands Free DA555&DA554 Rod Handler

With innovation as our focus, Topdrill was the first company to bring the technological advance of hands free operation on all rigs. This innovation has put Topdrill at the forefront of the industry and provided confidence to staff that improving their safety, is a key priority for Topdrill management.  As a company, Topdrill is constantly looking to minimise crew and rod interaction.  The cup design using gravity ensures excellent inherent safety with limited potential for dropped rods and a narrow line of fire area.

Hands Free Breakouts

True hands-free breakout of drill pipe on both RC (Airdrill system) and DD drills Removes crew from line of fire hazards.

The driller must hold a deadman switch in whilst engaging the slew lever. If either the deadman or the  slew  lever are released the tool will stop moving.

This removes need for hand tools (stillsons).

Modular Mud Tank Station

The modular tank is run from the control panel, and attaches to 10ft container locks, with no chains and straps with all lift points rated.

It is safe, the agitator and mud pump are contained in the unit and require no manual handling during shifting.

The agitator and mud pump run off rig hydraulics, no diesel used.

Access and Safety Fittings

A ladder engineered to meet Australian Standards (AS 1657 – 2013) access ladder and platform fitted to Sandvik DE880 Drill Rigs

From a safety prospective this means that 3 points of contact can be maintained at all times.

Isolation Locks and Verification Tags

Isolation saves lives.  These locks and tags are positioned at the point of isolation and serve as a physical barrier to operation and a visual reminder that if the machine is operated there is a risk of personal injury or equipment damage.

Double Bunded Fuel Tank

This system is fitted to all of Topdrill’s Diamond Rigs and Support Vehicle’s, meaning there is less spillage and damage to the fuel tank.

A safe workplace for everyone.


Our people are our most important asset. Topdrill has implemented and continues to develop processes designed to keep our team safe. Our commitment to staff training coupled with our machinery upgrades, highlights our pledge to ensure our workplace is safe for everyone.

Safety initiatives that Topdrill has implemented into the workforce include:

Safety initiatives that Topdrill has implemented into the workforce include:

Critical Risk Management

Controlling Critical Risk

CRM is a step change in how we identify and control critical risks. It has one purpose, to help eliminate fatalities at Topdrill.

CRM is designed to ensure that each work area has a clear understanding of what potentially fatal risks are associated with work activities, and ensure there are effective, verified controls in place and to manage those risks.

The process ensures a standardised approach across Topdrill and supports a proactive approach to managing critical risks.



Journery Management Software

Driving is recognised by Topdrill as one of the most hazardous activities that we do. We have drill crews travelling between rigs and out to remote and isolated locations on a daily basis.

JESI is a digital Journey Management process that enables Topdrill to safeguard their travelling employees, whether they are flying, driving, commuting or travelling between work sites.

JESI allows travellers to create their own journeys, select their mode of transport, create checkpoints and indicate the time of their journey. If checkpoints are missed JESI begins an escalation process that allows management to allocate the appropriate resources to locate the missing person or crew in a timely manner.


Quik Trak

Digital Vehicle Tracking Software

Quik Trak is a GPS enabled digital vehicle tracking system that is fitted to Topdrill’s mobile fleet.

Quik Trak provides vehicle location at any given point in time as well as providing alerts for a pre-determined set of metrics such as overspeed. This allows the Topdrill Management Team to monitor potentially risky driving behaviours of employees and take the appropriate action to modify this behaviour.