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A culture of taking ownership of our own safety and that of our workmates


The safety and health of the employees of Topdrill is of vital importance. Safety is a condition of employment with our company and shall not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.

We will encourage and reward a philosophy of reduced risk tolerance as we strive to achieve a corporate objective of zero injuries across our business units. Every member of our company will return home safely to their families at the end of each project.

It is our belief that all incidents can be prevented and every effort shall be made to:

All of our employees have rights:

As outlined in our company manual, safety is a shared responsibility by all employees and shall be an integral component of work activities – together we can create a positive safety culture and ensure a safe workplace.

Topdrill has invested heavily in the most up to date equipment (such as rod handlers) engineered to reduce dangerous manual handling and reduce workplace fatigue. This has improved not only the safety of the crew, it has also had a positive effect on performance of the complete drilling operation.

All Safe Work Procedures SWP’s are reviewed and updated in accordance with legislative changes and new work requirements. All rigs carry a copy of Topdrill’s safe work procedures emergency action plans and Materiel Safety Data Sheets MSDS’s. All crew are trained in the content and use of material provided in these documents.

Topdrill will work in conjunction with client’s health and safety policies to achieve an accident free workplace.

All employees will be expected to fulfil their safety responsibilities and to follow our company safety manual.