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Defining and accepting responsibility and delivering on our commitment to the people and places we work with.


The Environment:
Topdrill recognizes that the activities they perform impact directly and indirectly on the environment and on local communities with whom we interact.
Topdrill endeavours to operate in a way that is both collaborative and sympathetic to the environment so that business development and growth can be carried out in a sustainable way.

Topdrill will work in conjunction with the clients environment policies and procedures to ensure the best possible environmental practice is achieved at all times.

It is Topdrill policy to;

Topdrill appreciates and fully understands the importance of responsible practices and procedures and is aware of its responsibilities in ensuring minimum impact upon heritage sites and areas of cultural significance.
All Topdrill personnel are introduced to the importance of Cultural Awareness in their initial induction. This is constantly ongoing.

Topdrill complies with all current legislation and best practices with regards to Heritage and areas of Cultural Significance and strives to communicate to all employees the importance of full compliance to this legislation as it applies to them in the field.